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Joining the GFV

GFV - a strong network

As a GFV member, you support Consumer Research as well as the activities of GFV.

Your membership includes:

  1. Joining the Consumer Experts Network. This network allows networking and exchange among GFV members.
  2. Awards to outstanding Consumer Affairs students.
  3. Support of research projects.
  4. Co-funding of scientific conferences.
  5. Guest lectures.
  6. The opportunity to subscribe to the GFV newsletter including interesting internships and job offers.

Types of memberships:

  1. Natural member (annual fee: 15 EUR)
  2. Natural student member (reduced annual fee: 10 EUR)
  3. Legal member/sustaining member

Click here to download the declaration of entry.

Withdrawal from membership:
Membership of GFV will be tacitly renewed unless it is withdrawn by the member by 30 September to become effective by the end of the current calendar year. Otherwise it becomes effective at the end of the following year. Please send the signed withdrawal to