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Welcome to the GFV!


Consumption is a distinctive feature of every society. Consumer Research analyses the development of consumption and consumer behaviour both on the large and small scale.

The Association Friends of Consumer Research at TUM (GFV) is an alumni association of the Technische Universität München (TUM).

Our objective is to give ideal and financial support to Consumer Research as a young field of research. Our association is strongly related with the TUM Master’s Program in Consumer Science. We foster the networking and exchange of ideas between students, alumni, and university teachers as well as the corporate sector and consumer institutions. GFV offers a content oriented relationship for Consumer Experts. If desired, a membership in the TUM-Alumni-Network can be included free-of-charge.

As a member, you are informed about the activities during regular meetings, via our newsletter, and the TUM Consumer Science Experts network.

Please click here to download the GFV flyer.